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Best Denim Shops | DENHAM

June 15, 2009


Is it surprising that the second entry for our best denim shops survey is located in Amsterdam, like our first one? I think not – as I mentioned earlier, the Dutch are developing a strong lead in the global denim market, and they’re doing it slowly but efficiently!

DENHAM‘s mono-brand store is located in Amsterdam’s beautiful 9 Street neighborhood, and is dedicated to manifesting the brands spirit and inspirations.

DENHAM the Jeanmaker – 495 Prinsengracht, Amsterdam

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The shop experience unfolds through a sequence of “zones” with denim itself forming the central heart of the concept. As each zone gives way to the next, new stories are presented and subtle changes in atmosphere can be detected through shifts in mate¬rial, product display, sound and visuals.

“ZONE (1): THE GALLERY” The shop entrance forms a gallery in which four primary stories of the brand are told in large glass shadow-box displays. The displays make use of historic items from DENHAM’s archives (the DENHAM GARMENT LIBRARY) along with modern elements, video-installation and photography.



“ZONE (3): DENIM” Zone (3) sees a return to the pure white minimalist atmosphere but anchored by a second submerged antique menswear case. In the case the flagship models from the denim line are dis¬played on upholstered chambray pads including styles with fabrications and finishes from both Japan and Italy.


DENHAM studio store: the last shopping zone is flanked by a wholesale showroom where next season is presented by appointment only. Beyond a second door lies DENHAM’s design studio visible through a glass passageway that connects 495 Prinsengracht and the store with 493 Prinsengracht, the address of the DENHAM headquarters and design studio.

Alongside the DENHAM collection the store also sells special editions of Jack Purcell footwear, Malin & Goetz care products, RE eyewear and antique one-of-a-kind scissors.



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