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Ijin Material

June 17, 2009


“History, tradition, expertise, hand finishing and a personal interpretation of the classic are all necessary attributes of a good tailor. Conceptual jeans-making deals with exactly the same principles and skills.” Says Philip Goss, founder of denim label Ijin Material, in a recent interview he gave to the Tenue de Nîmes journal.

No doubt he knows what he’s talking about. This denim connoisseur/innovator made it his life mission to take one of the most common products of our time, dig back to its roots, and use all that knowledge and expertise to re-invent it.

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He founded Ijin Material in 2003, while being creative director of Evisu:” I wanted to independently finance a new left field product and purposely re-interpret traditional denim, with the clear intention of presenting the archetypal indigo item in alternative way, whilst remaining faithful to handmade assembly.”



The individualism of Ijin Material is alert on the trademark “half-man” logo, which symbolizes the symmetrical folding techniques inherent to the way Ijin Irregular Indigo products are actually cut. The definition of Ijin (a vintage Japanese word once used to define somebody as a stranger) well describes this independent artisanal denim label philosophy.



There are three Ijin Material product types: fold-edge, wrap-leg and selve-edge. Get them at one of the retailers or here.

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  1. colin clarke permalink
    September 15, 2009 9:51 am

    Long time no hear!!!



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