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Brand New | Rogue Territory F/W 09

November 22, 2009

New LA based brand Rogue Territory‘s agenda is somewhat a synopsis of the current movements in American denim: “Our products represent modern interpretations of the garments that were produced during the industrial age of the 20th century. It is our mission to build on the designs of the past by offering a more fashionably relevant collection for those who are passionate about denim, work wear, vintage clothing, and fashion alike… We at Rogue Territory share 3 core values: use the highest quality fabrics, adhere to the highly regarded American manufacturing standards of the early 1900s, and share our undying passion and extensive knowledge of denim with our customers”. Read between the lines: Rogue Territory is yet another brand from the new breed of American denim artisans cashing in on the ‘American Made’ trend, trying to use the economic crunch and its cultural implications for their advantage. Does it sound like we’re complaining? Quite the opposite – of course there are pretenders and lookalikes, but most of the newcomers (including RT) are the genuine thing, heralding valuable ideologies and keeping America true to the (origins of) blue.

More images from Rogue Territory’s F/W 09 lookbook after the jump

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