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Denim News | Nudie Jeans Joins Fair Wear Foundation

January 6, 2010

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish denim brand founded in 2001. “We think it is very important to take responsibility for our actions, both when it comes to the environment and to human rights. We have a responsibility towards all the people who take part in the production of our garments. In our view, there cannot be a tradeoff between profit and people or between volume and social responsibility”.

Nudie Jeans aims to produce a good product of high quality at a reasonable price in a responsible way. The main part of the production takes place in Italy and Portugal.

“Social responsibility has always been important for us. Joining Fair Wear Foundation gives the tools and the knowledge to take the next step and it also gives credibility to our efforts” says Palle Stenberg, CEO at Nudie Jeans.

By joining Fair Wear Foundation Nudie Jeans gets the tools needed to further improve and formalize its work with corporate social responsibility. In 2010 Nudie will start monitoring their biggest suppliers. Fair Wear Foundation verifies that Nudie Jeans implements the Code of Labor Practices in the supply chain.


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