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April77 S/S 2010 – Youthful Abandon

January 14, 2010

Try to imagine this: it’s the late 80’s, somewhere in the USA between Portland, Seattle and New York, classic rock is falling and the alternative music scene is rising: welcome to noise, hardcore, grunge and shoegazing. If you think it’s the opening scene from some kind of a teen horror flick, well, you’re wrong. The time when fashion has become anti-fashion is the background to April77‘s s/s 2010 collection. The androgynous and unkempt appearance, minimalist styles and contradictory trends: this is the DNA of the French fashion/record label’s ‘Youthful Abandon’. The classic open end denim that’s thicker, darker and coarser than ring-spun denim reflects the second hand mood of the collection. The vintage influence, as well as the strong Americana spirit -with references to Native American patterns, cowboys’ shirts and preppy style- gives Youthful Abandon an authentic story to tell. And the link to today’s rebels? Clothing is only made of natural fabrics, emphasizing the strong involvement of April77 to be a cruelty-free label.

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