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Pike Brothers

January 18, 2010

The Pike Brothers brand name goes way back. During the 1930s George and Joseph Pike established the “Pike Brothers”. A tailoring shop in the Portobello Road in the heart of London, in Notting Hill. Their specialty: custom made men`s wear. During the Second World War and with the steadily growing number of American soldiers coming to Britain the “Pikes” also specialized in the production of U.S. uniforms for the Army and the Air Force. They combined finest British fabrics together with European craftsmanship with the styles from overseas and created an unmistakable profile. Sturdy American work wear with a European influence, a heritage their followers are still feel obligated towards today. The brands re-launch began with a vintage U.S. Army 1940s Officers Jacket one of the current owners had with the PB label in it. He tracked the company down, registered the name worldwide and started following the footsteps of the original Pike Brothers. Today the brand specializes in high quality vintage army and work wear from the 1930s-50s, with a special focus on their denim fabric, made on vintage shuttle looms. Available through selected shops and their web-shop.

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