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Bleu De Paname Lookbook n°3 "Les Congés Payés" S/S 2010

April 1, 2010

For their Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Bleu De Paname took inspiration from the conception of “Les Congés Payés” – paid leave – and the following emergence of functional clothing dedicated to the concept of free time.

1st August 1936 saw the French access to free time through the vote of paid leave. Before the famous law introduced by the Popular Front, only employees of banking, commerce and office were paid all months of leave. The workers, paid hourly every two weeks, had no respite other than the weekend. The Popular Front government wanted to make free time a means of access to culture for all classes, allow time for recreation for everyone and develop sporting, tourism and culture.

Bleu De Paname’s notion of vacation and the historic heritage of the idea have led the Parisian label to create a uniform. Not the kind that immediately jumps to mind – but one for the men who depart on two wheels and go camping on the banks of a river, those who go for picnics in the countryside, and for those who go to the French coast to see the sea… laissez les vacances commencent!

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