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Mjölk A/W 2010 Collection

April 11, 2010

Inspired by the melding of generations, juxtapositions of past and present, and themes of abandonment and renewal, Mjölk materializes every stage in a man’s life: his childhood and youth, wearing his father’s oversized jackets, school uniforms, and tee-shirts; his entrance into adulthood with denim and shirting; his middle age with tailored suiting and overcoats; the end of his life with nostalgic knits and corduroy. The collection, literally and figuratively, patches together the different textures, shapes, colours, and proportions that distinguish one generation from another, consolidating the span of a lifetime into a singular visual set.

Mjölk’s Autumn/Winter collection finds its palette in city neighborhoods whose character and beauty stem from long-standing cycles of cultural death and rebirth. The forgotten cobblestones of Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill tell the haunted and invigorating stories of the neighborhood’s past and present. Mjölk follows the lives of the world’s great poets who lived and worked there—Walt Whitman, Hart Crane, E.E. Cummings, William Carlos Williams—and re-imagines the beauty and tragedy of these artists’ lives. Their wit, demeanor, and sense of physical appearance supplies endless philosophical and visual inspiration for the season.

The fin-de-siècle and Depression-era art scenes in New York combine with the passage of time, the movement of generations, abandonment, and renaissance to inspire the collection. A mélange of contrasting textures, colours, and cuts complements Mjölk’s long-standing devotion to a perfect sense of line, shape, and fit.

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