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Edwin F/W 10 Collection – Part 1 (Bottoms)

April 27, 2010

The Fall/Winter 2010 collection from Edwin is steeped in influences from America’s colorful and historic past. The influences resonate the dislocation and in turn ‘accidental freedom’ experienced by the post Vietnam late sixties generation where particular focus falls on the road and escapism. It’s not about running away it’s about embarking on the journey of self-discovery finding identity as an individual in a dysfunctional era. It’s a new dawn in society and the sub culture is about to get loud proud deep down and dusty!

The garments and overall collection styling represent the emotions and physical experiences gained through adventure and a ‘work hard, play hard’ hedonistic mentality.

Dust, dirt, grit, grime, beer and blood infect the washes of the denim giving a genuine ‘lived in’ feel. The shirting, jackets and knitwear are heavy and utilitarian representing the protective layer needed when living life alone on the road and on the edge – it’s the uniform of the nomad, the costume of the loner.

Many more images after the jump, check part 2 for tops

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