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Denimaniac Q&A | Libertine-Libertine

June 21, 2010

The Danish Libertines

Ranking high on our brands-to-watch list, Denmark’s Libertine-Libertine was established last year by Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz and Munch Ovesen. Offering a choice of reworked and updated basics for men and women, the label has received its fair share of following and press almost immediately upon arrival. Curious to learn more about the collection and its creators, we asked co-founder Rasmus Bak for additional info:

Libertine-Libertine AW10 Parka

Let’s start with a little background. Tell us about the start of the brand, what are the respective roles of the partners and where did you come from (professionally)?

Libertine-Libertine was established in 2009, during the long nights of the Danish spring, and is based on a different set of values and approach to the fashion scene. We wanted to build up a prolific, dynamic & creative platform that could feature a lot different projects ranging from fashion to music & art. It has been quite a ride since the launch in Paris last summer and we are currently represented in selected stores scattered over 12 countries now. We all have our basic back grounds in the fashion industry but in completely different areas. Pernille has been a design executive for some years now & Peter has studied philosophy in the creative industries and worked with various projects. My own back ground lies within music, sales & communications.

What’s in the name?

The name was born during a long stay in Paris after long strolls, hours of conversation & a few glasses of red wine. We all have a special connection to that sinful city and the name captures a lot of the emotions associated with it. We wanted a name that would allow us freedom to pursue whatever project we felt like doing no matter the direction – with other words; no restrictions.

What is it about clothing and fashion that makes it so appealing to you? What are your goals?

Generally, the clothing itself is the outcome of a long process consisting of different elements and inspiration sources that finally leads to a physical product. I still find this very fascinating. Our team is driven by working with expression and culture and the whole idea of creating a product that mirrors a certain culture is just very appealing.

Libertine-Libertine AW10 Shirts

Can you describe your creative process? What inspires you?

The main inspiration for the AW10 collection is drawn from our strong roots in street culture. One of the ambitions was to create a collection that defines an effortless, casual & masculine style on the men’s part whereas the women’s line captures versatility in style and contains both maritime & casual pieces as well as a darker and sexier side.

On a more general note people like Hunter S Thompson, & Kerouac are always hunting our office and their significant lifestyles as hobo and writer are great inspirations for the brand’s soul. Music is a huge part of us as well. It is still all about dynamics and movement for us and I feel this is perfectly mirrored in the collection. It’s casual and wearable with a strong focus on high quality and durable fabrics.

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Can you walk us through a bit of the manufacturing process, deciding on the materials, where you source them, fabrication?

We have carefully selected our suppliers via a group of very experienced people and we have a strong focus on fabric quality. We always develop our own art work for the shirts for instance and experiment with different washing techniques for outerwear etc. We produce practically everything in Europe.

Libertine-Libertine AW10 Knits

There has been a shift in attitude towards menswear/workwear in the past few years. What are your views on that?

Most definitely and I like the development. We have been dragged through years of utterly boring Scandinavian simplicity and a very restricted way of handling fashion and its opportunities. I see a complete change and a lot more spirit and excitement these days.

Is there something you think every guy should own in terms of clothing?

Great heavy chinos and twill shirts.

What makes a brand exciting for you?

Of course the design, product and quality are very important factors but I need the emotional values as well – a brand has to represent a movement or direction that appeals directly to me if they want me as a consumer.

Finally, what’s next for Libertine-Libertine?

AW10 Chinos detail

We have some amazing projects in the pipeline for the coming year. First of all we have done a very nice co-lab with Tenue De Nimes in Amsterdam which will be released the coming July and for the SS11 season we will be releasing the debut album of a greatartist called Pantherman together with Danish AiAiAi, who is one of the world’s best companies when it comes to headphones. Pantherman has made a truly fantastic record in family with the likes of Boards of Canada & Aphex Twin and we approached the format a bit differently. I am very excited to get it out there. It will be a grand year.


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