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BBB | SS11 Men’s Denim Trends

July 14, 2010

Detail from the Adriano Goldschmeid stand at BBB

We weren’t able to go to Bread&Butter ourselves, but (and thank god for the world wide web) if we take Fashion Buyer UK word for it ,which we tend to do, spring/summer 2011 most prominent men’s denim trends are:

1. Ripped and repaired – heritage denim labels started popping out archive pieces in recent seasons to flaunt their pedigree. Those without it copied the look…

2. Even lighter washes – more about worn-down dyes than super light looks.

3. Shorts – the hotter the climate, the shorter the denim… mostly cut-offs rolled at the knee for men.

4. Cinch back – vintage/heritage detailing dug out of the archive once in a few years.

5. Waistband detailing – that’s a new one! Elasticated and drawstring waists on denim… what’s next? Drawstring waist denim shorts? Oh yeah, Acne Jeans already did it this summer.

6. Carrots and crotches – extremely tapered leg and a drop-crotch. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but that’s too eunuch for me!

Thanks to FBUK for the info and images.

‘Trendy’ images after the jump

Blue Blood (left) and Superdry - ripped and repaired

Blue Blood 'light' and Humor shorts

Blue Blood cinch back and drawstring waist

Humor (left) and G-Star - carrots and crotches


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