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August 29, 2010

BRING ON THE NOISE Autumn/Winter 2010

Established in early 2007, Japanese men’s clothing label BRING ON THE NOISE has been quietly making a name for itself since. Inspired by music and counterculture, founder and designer Daisuke Konno creates a look fit for rebels with an advanced sense of style. Upon the launch of the label’s autumn/winter 2010 lookbook we asked Konno to tell us about the new collection and his future plans for the label.

Can you describe your creative process? What inspires you?

For this collection, I began to reconsider an underground culture in Tokyo again and went to various live houses to feel the atmosphere and look for something special.

Usually I take inspiration from variety of things like old photo books, vintage clothing, and fliers you can find at musical venues, as well as other things. Anything with a musical element is always inspiring.

Your new AW10 collection “Tokyo Rockers” is out now. Can you tell us about it?

Rock scene boom lost its momentum in the late 1970’s. Bringing about a breakthrough, musicians gathered and played gigs continuously in many parts of Japan. This movement is called “TOKYO ROCKERS”. The season theme is the movement spawned in the late 1970’s and early ’80’s, dawn of Punk. The brand pursues originality no other brands can create.

What are your goals for your brand?

I’d like people in the world to see and feel my collection in their hands!!! I hope I could have my own store in New York in the near future!

Check out the rest of the lookbook after the jump

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