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Transitional line from Ijin Material

February 24, 2011

Transitional Summer to Autumn look from Ijin Material

Independent jeans-maker Phil Goss takes on an innovative new guise for autumn 2011 with denim based collection called “The Luxury of Survival.” The denim line is now updated & complimented by transitional outerwear pieces offered in waterproofed Nylon Taffeta with removable Down Liner jackets & the Protagonist look, The Ijin Rain Cape & the Lugger Bag: a hybrid piece of urban luggage serving as both a day or overnight bag.

”ARTECH: artisan meets techno” is how Goss describes his personal blend of highly respected, premium research denim & performance urban accessories with garment inspirations taken from the modern needs of functional work-wear, compact lifestyles & climate responsive sportswear.

Denim is always ”Sacre Bleu ” at Ijin & to compliment the established signature denim Legacy line on offer is the new entry level Ijin Blu Line with a competitive retail price point, & the Ijin Artisan Line, utilizing the slow-denim exclusive Marine selvedge cloth in Genoa blu.

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